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FITRME Personal Training

Eddie is the energetic force behind Fitrme Personal Training. With his boundless enthusiasm for helping others reach their fitness goals, Eddie’s business was starting to grow. But to keep up with the pace, he needed a website that not only showcased his services but also fueled his ongoing growth.

With this multifaceted project, we teamed up with the client to bring their business vision to life. Creating a visual communication strategy, we created a logo, packaging designs and an online space that is filled with the brand’s warmth and nurturing values.

Fitrme putting fun into personal training

The Project

The Fitrme team bring life and laughter to personal training. They provide expertise in resistance training, body transformation, rehab and functional movement for clients.


With a new found focus on NDIS as well as adding additonal membership features, Eddie intially asked us to help create additional pages for the existing website.


However we knew they needed more than just a quick fix. We’re big believers in the power of SEO to boost small businesses, so we took a more strategic approach.

The Solution



An SEO framework was created that put their key services front and center. We also organised information, built dedicated pages for the main service categories, and improved the user experience to make it easier for visitors to find exactly what they were looking for

Fitrme personal training website


Our client started with a focus on personal training, but as they grew, they realised potential for expansion and diversification. By embracing inclusivity and serving NDIS clients, they supercharged their business growth.

So we jumped in to revamp their website with strategic SEO, new services, and a robust membership program. The result? Their online presence went from stale to stellar, becoming a buzzing hub for engagement and conversions.

But this growth didn’t just stay online – it translated into serious cash flow. With more revenue in their pockets, our client could grow their team and offer even more awesome services.

Fitrme NDIS personal training website
membership and booking system for personal training website

The Result

The Fitrme website got a serious facelift and has now become the digital hub for business, providing a streamlined user experience, enhanced membership features, improved accessibility and ultimately helping facilitate ongoing success and growth.

Client inquiries are pouring in, especially for their NDIS services

Their social media game is on fire, driving tons of leads to their website

With a new booking system, clients can schedule classes hassle-free, no more phone tag or endless emails!

“Not only does my website look amazing, but it’s also functioning flawlessly. Thanks to Cherie’s expertise in SEO, I have started to see positive results in a relatively short period of time.”


Eddie – Fitrme

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