Satisfaction Guarantee

Some website builders claim to provide you with an amazing website, but fail to do so, leaving you out of pocket and unsatisfied. We do website redesigns for clients for this very reason! So we like to provide extra peace of mind to our clients to ensure that you can try the service at no risk.


If you’re not satisfied with your website design you can cancel our services and receive a full refund of your deposit. This satisfaction guarantee is only available up until the “Create” or design stage of our process. Once you’ve given written approval for your design to progress to final website roll out, or the website goes live, no refunds will be given. 


If you have failed to provide the requested guidance and feedback during the design consultation process, sufficient reason and proof must be provided explaining how we did not provide what you requested either technically or based on our service standard. 


All concepts, designs and elements provided for your website remain the property of Equip Website Design until final payment has been received, at which time ownership of these will be transferred over.

To be eligible for a refund the following conditions apply:


  • The request for a refund must be made while still in the “Create” or design stage of the project. Once the website is approved for launch, no refunds will be given.
  • The refund request must be provided in writing by email
  • You must have provided us with feedback and specific guidance during the design stage when requested which you believe we did not follow OR the design created by us was made without your guidance or feedback
  • You must have provided us with an opportunity to make amendments to the design of your site in the first instance, stating your preferences for change.
  • Your request must be in good faith and not in any way take advantage of our time or service 

Exceptions to our Refund Policy:


You are not eligible for a refund of your deposit in the following instances:

  • A refund is not permitted if you have already approved your draft website or indicated that you are satisfied with it and happy to progress to the next stage.
  • If your website was designed according to your specifications and your request is due to your own change of mind.
  • If you have changed your mind about completing your website for personal or other business related reasons.
  • If you cease business operations during the design phase of your website project

Additional services requested and provided by third parties, including but not limited to domain registration, logo design, Google Business listings and email setups, are not refundable and their retail value(s) will be deducted from the refunded amount.

If our staff has received communication that is abusive and/or threatening, we reserve the right to discontinue service without a refund. In these instances we will not provide a refund, however no charges for website hosting will be applied.